Welcome To My Secret Podcast Page :)

Thank you for listening to the Get Optimized Podcast!  I put together this landing page for our listens who want to easily access Trainings, Tools, and Resources I use in my business. If it is on this page then you can be confident it is something I fully endorse.  
Host: Nate Kennedy

Five Steps To Attract Clients That Pay Big Money For Your Expertise

Having been in the online marketing space for over 16 years, I have experimented with more strategies and tools than you can probably imagine. If you want to dial in your marketing strategy, consider these five marketing recipes. Click Here To Read More...
The Fireside Chat Formula
Borrow & Implement Our “Fireside Chat Formula” to Boost Authority, Attract the Right Audience, and Build a Healthy Pipeline for Your Business.
Creating Irresistible Offers
Knowing who you Serve is more powerful then What You SELL. If we don't understand what people want to achieve in their lives, we will never be able to say how our service will help them do it.
Tools I Use In My Business
Landing Page Builder
We use Click Funnels to build high-converting landing pages for lead generation campaigns for your business. If you signup for an account we will give you our templates for free.
Marketing Automation
Active Campaign goes beyond email marketing with true marketing automation. It has a lot of the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your business.
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